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Welcome on my website!


I am Simon Vandepitte, a 23-year-old nature photographer and Biology student. I bought my first camera when I was around 13 years old. Since then, I have been trying to develop further and further as a creative nature photographer. Through my photographs, I hope to encourage people to respect nature.


I was born with a love for nature since I grew close to the Kalmthoutse heide, one of the biggest heathlands in Belgium. Together with my father, I often went out to survey lizards, snakes or butterflies. I am also a member of the JNM, a youth movement focussing on nature and the environment, pretty awesome! 


 I hope to share some stories of my little (and bigger) adventures every now and then on the page “Notes from the Field” which you can find here!





Photography is my outlet. It has brought me to gorgeous places, such as the desolate Shetlands or the rough mountain peaks of the Gran Paradiso national park in Italy. Thanks to the Erasmus program, I could spend my first master's year in Oulu, Finland. However, it is not necessary to look abroad for beautiful places. Whether it is Kalmthout, Ghent, the Ardennes, or a destination far away: my wonder for nature allows me to use my creativity to translate my feelings to others. But do not hesitate to give photographs your own interpretation!


I love to experiment with backlight. I also am a fan of abstractions and minimalism. The question “How small can I photograph a certain subject so that it remains recognizable”, is a question that crosses my mind quite often while taking photographs.

Credits for the photograph: Seppe De Ceuster

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