About myself

I am Simon Vandepitte, 20 years old and live in Belgium. Ever since I was a little child I went into nature. I bought my first camera around the age of 13. I mainly used it to take photos as evidence of my observations in nature. After a few years, I discovered the pleasure of taking creative photos and it quickly became my favorite kind of photography.

With my photos, I want to stimulate the love for nature in every person, also with ordinary species which you can see every day, that each has their beauty.

Because I study biology at the University of Ghent between September and June, I have little time during that period to look for wild nature. Because of this limitation, I discovered the photographic possibilities of ordinary species even more.

On my vacations, I love to look for unspoiled nature. I prefer rocky landscapes, so mountains and cliffs deserve my preference. For example, my most recent trips brought me to Aosta and Shetland.

I hope you enjoy my photos and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

You must have written permission from me for each kind of use of my photos.